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A Social Experiment

We are a community driven HYPER-deflationary token. This means that 5% of every transaction is burned on the blockchain. Over time, this leads to less supply as more transactions take place. As the supply reduces, the demand for the token remains constant. This allows VOID token to act as a hedge against current fiat currencies.



Round 1 Complete

To ensure fair and even distribution, the Void Tokens were Airdropped to hundreds of people at equal amounts, without any being held by the creator. This puts the power and responsibility in the hands of the community.
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Community Listed

As a community, we're focusing on growth marketing to help gain more traction for new exchange listings. We'll occasionaly also collect donations in order to raise funds for new exchange fees.

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As a 100% community run project we appreciate any donation that the community sends towards development, exchange listings & future giveaways! Our ETH and VOID address is listed below, thank you to everyone in the community who has supported us this far!

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The Vision

The creators vision for Void Token.
Original Bitcointalk Announcement

" A new experiment has been sweeping through the Crypto world: Rapidly deflating tokens. These are coins that have their supply constantly reduced when used, making them rarer over time.

Coins like $BombToken and $Nuke have been leading the way with experimenting on what happens when a token’s supply is cut down with every transfer.

Due to the fact that future generations will likely seek a non-inflationary monetary system, taking part in these experiments will help provide data-points for future generations who will be looking for the best implementation of a currency.

So far, these experiments have had a 1% and 2% cut to the supply amount of any transfer. This will certainty provide for interesting results. But what happens if you cut the supply EVEN MORE savagely?

Enter VOID TOKEN: Where token supply is thrown into the Void very rapidly.


Excited about the project? You can buy Void Tokens today on the following exchanges. We'll keep this list updated as we're added to new exchanges..